A range of personal accessories with a literary theme or inspired by the Bodleian's collection.
26 results
Tradescant Umbrella
Oxford Map Glasses Case and Lens Cloth
Conversation with Smaug Glasses Case & Lens Cloth
Marco Polo Lens Cloth
Library Stamp Leather Glasses Case - Red
Library Stamp Leather Glasses Case - Navy
Library Stamp Leather Glasses Case - Peppermint
Box of 3 Fish Printed Hankies
Lavender Drawer Scenters - Orange Fish
Medieval Branch Wash Bag
'High Jinks' Bookshelves Wash Bag
Device for Lúthien Tinúviel Pocket Mirror
The Hobbit Dust Jacket Pocket Mirror
Little Miss Sunshine Leather Keyring
No Ordinary Girl Leather Keyring
The Hobbit Dust Jacket Keyring
Conversation with Smaug Keyring
Parma Mittarion Keyring
Radcliffe Camera Keyring
Compass Keyring
Oxford Sketch Keyring
High Jinks Pin Badge
Readers Gonna Read Enamel Pin
Just One More Chapter Enamel Pin
Literature Ladies Enamel Pin
Babel Exhibition Button Badges, set of 4
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