Bright Sparks: Photography and the Talbot Archive

Discover a range of gifts, books and souvenirs inspired by the Bodleian Libraries newest exhibition, Bright Sparks: Photography and the Talbot Archive.

Bright Sparks: Photography and the Talbot Archive celebrates the Bodleian Libraries' acquisition of the archive of the British inventor of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot, and the legacy of his life and work.

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Dark Room
Dark Room
Inventing Photography: William Henry Fox Talbot in the Bodleian Library
Forms of Nameless Things, The: Experimental Photographs by William Henry Fox Talbot
Camera Pencil Sharpener
Solorcan Camera
Solorcan Camera
Now and Then: England 1970-2015
Face: Shape and Angle Helen Muspratt Photographer by Jessica Sutcliffe
Through the Lens of Janet Stone: Portraits 1953-1979
Photography: The Definitive Visual History
The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Photography
Photography: The Whole Story
Sarah Angelina Acland
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