Gifts and Books

Discover our collection inspired by the Bodleian Libraries' exhibition, Gifts and Books.

Gifts and Books explores the simple act of gift giving and what this reveals about human relationships and beliefs. The importance of giving and receiving books is celebrated throughout this exhibition and our range.

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Gifts and Books
Gifts and Books
Little Women Green Book Tote Bag
Little Women Pouch Purse
Little Women Zip Around Purse
Little Women Green Book Handbag
Frankenstein Brass Bookmark
Just One More Chapter Brass Bookmark
Lady Macbeth Brass Bookmark
Cat Lover Brass Bookmark
Hamlet Brass Bookmark
Midnight Readers Brass Bookmark
The Gift of Narrative Medieval England
Shakespeare's Comedies Book Box
Pride & Prejudice Book Box
Little Women Book Box
Gothic Fiction Book Box
God: An Anatomy
God: An Anatomy
The Epic of Gilgamesh
Book Scarf Bookmark
Bookmarks - Academia Collection
Bookmarks - Literary Collection
Bookmarks - SSSHHH Collection
Northern Lights Illustrated Hardback (His Dark Materials)
The Subtle Knife Illustrated Hardback (His Dark Materials)
The Amber Spyglass Illustrated Hardback (His Dark Materials)
Little Women (Luxe Edition)
Pride and Prejudice (Luxe Edition)
Jane Eyre (Luxe Edition)
Wuthering Heights (Luxe Edition)
Great Gatsby (Luxe Edition)
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