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Korean Treasures Volume 2
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Why North is Up: Map Conventions and Where They Came From
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The Selden Map of China: A New Understanding of the Ming Dynasty
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Provenance Research in Book History: A Handbook
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Babel: Adventures in Translation
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SIGNED Talking about Detective Fiction
Typographic Firsts: Adventures in Early Printing
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Sinbad the Sailor & Other stories from the Arabian Nights
The Real McCoy and 149 other Eponyms
The Making of Mary Shelley’s 'Frankenstein'
It’s All Greek: Borrowed Words and their Histories
The Devil's Dictionary
Through the Lens of Janet Stone: Portraits 1953-1979
Medieval Manuscripts from the Mainz Charterhouse in the Bodleian Library, Oxford
Planting Paradise
Making Medieval Manuscripts
Shakespeare's Dead
The Odes of Horace
The Victorian Dictionary of Slang & Phrase
The First English Dictionary of Slang 1699 (Paperback)
The First English Dictionary 1604 (Paperback)
Portraits of Shakespeare
Mapping Shakespeare's World
Medieval Manuscripts from Würzburg in the Bodleian Library
A Facsimile Edition of the Vernon Manuscript
Latin Liturgical Psalters in the Bodleian Library
The Food Lovers' Anthology
The Book Lovers' Anthology (hardback)
Wilfred Owen an Illustrated Life
Volume the First
Ware's Victorian Dictionary of Slang and Phrase
Roy Strong
Roy Strong
Sarah Angelina Acland
Korean Treasures
An Exile on Planet Earth
An Exile on Planet Earth
£10.00 £19.99
Travel: A Literary History
61 results
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