Our range of Oxford gifts and souvenirs is inspired by Oxford architecture, historic maps from the Bodleian Libraries Map Collection and also includes beautiful and fascinating book titles from Bodleian Library Publishing.
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Drink Map of Oxford A5 Notebook
Drink Map of Oxford
Oxford Drinks Map Tie
Oxford Map Glasses Case and Lens Cloth
Architecture of the Bodleian Libraries Postcard Pack
Evelyn Waugh's Oxford
Evelyn Waugh's Oxford
£11.00 £20.00
Oxford in Prints
Oxford in Prints
£20.00 £25.00
Latin Inscriptions in Oxford
Queen Elizabeth's Book of Oxford
The Princess who Hid in a Tree: An Anglo-Saxon Story
A Brief History of the Bodleian Library - Revised Edition
Dr Radcliffe's Library
New Bodleian - Making the Weston Library
Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum
Oxford Botanic Garden: A Guide
The College Graces of Oxford and Cambridge
Merton College Library
Oxford Freemasons
Book Decoration
Book Decoration
A Rapid Guide to Oxford
Oxford - A Little Souvenir Book
Oxford Colleges Little Souvenir Book
Mini Radcliffe Camera Model
Pair of Radcliffe Camera Bookends
Radcliffe Camera Model
Temple of Science: The Pre-Raphaelites and Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Architecture, Bodleian Libraries Bookmark
Map of Oxfordshire Bookmark
The Old Bodleian Library Bookmark
The Tower of Five Orders Bookmark
Roots to Seeds: 400 Years of Oxford Botany
The Historic Heart of Oxford University
Oxford University: Stories from the Archives
Tread Lightly Gargoyle Decoration
Rudeness Grotesque Decoration
62 results
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