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Bodleian Library Publishing produces beautiful and authoritative books which help to bring the riches of Oxford's libraries to readers around the world.

All of our profits are returned to the Bodleian and help support the Libraries' work in curating, conserving and collecting its archives.

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Aesop's Fables
Aesop's Fables
Heritage Apples
Heritage Apples
Reynard the Fox
Reynard the Fox
The Domestic Herbal: Plants for the Home in the Seventeenth Century
The Botany of Gin
Just the Job: How Trades got their Names
Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth (Hardback)
Treasures from the Map Room
The Book Lovers' Anthology (Paperback)
The Art of Advertising
Fifty Maps and the Stories they Tell
It’s All Greek: Borrowed Words and their Histories
Novel Houses: Twenty Famous Fictional Dwellings
Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain, 1942
Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth (Collector's Edition)
Tolkien: Treasures
Typographic Firsts: Adventures in Early Printing
Tolkien Smaug A5 Journal
Talking Maps
Talking Maps
Now and Then: England 1970-2015
Through the Lens of Janet Stone: Portraits 1953-1979
The Devil's Dictionary
Drink Map of Oxford
Why North is Up: Map Conventions and Where They Came From
Provenance Research in Book History: A Handbook
Babel: Adventures in Translation
Revolting Remedies from the Middle Ages
Bodleian Library Souvenir Guidebook
Oxford in Quotations
Oxford in Quotations
£3.00 £5.99
The First English Dictionary 1604 (Paperback)
112 Gripes about the French
The Rules of Association Football, 1863
Thinking 3D: Books, Images and Ideas  from Leonardo to the Present
The Princess who Hid in a Tree: An Anglo-Saxon Story
Lost Maps of the Caliphs
How to Be a Good Wife
247 results
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