From Anglo-Saxon to the twenty-first century, and from social and cultural to political and military history, the Bodleian Library Publishing history list has something for everyone.
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Oxford University: Stories from the Archives
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Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive
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British Dandies: Engendering Scandal and Fashioning a Nation
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Defying Hitler: The White Rose Pamphlets
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The Historic Heart of Oxford University
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North Sea Crossings: The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations 1066–1688
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Lighted Window, The: Evening Walks Remembered
Science of Life and Death in 'Frankenstein', The
Hawkers, Beggars and Quacks: Portraits from 'The Cries of London'
Secret History of English Spas, The
Roots to Seeds: 400 Years of Oxford Botany
Cornucopia of Fruit & Vegetables, A: Illustrations from an Eighteenth-Century Botanical Treasury
Martha Lloyd's Household Book: The Original Manuscript from Jane Austen's Kitchen
Face: Shape and Angle Helen Muspratt Photographer by Jessica Sutcliffe
From the Vulgate to the Vernacular: Four Debates on an English Question c.1400
Hyphens & Hashtags*: *The stories behind the symbols on our keyboards
Town: Prints & Drawings of Britain before 1800
Temple of Science: The Pre-Raphaelites and Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Secrets of the Great Ocean Liners
Reynard the Fox
Reynard the Fox
Just the Job: How Trades got their Names
A Brief History of the Bodleian Library - Revised Edition
Merton College Library
Domestic Herbal, The: Plants for the Home in the Seventeenth Century
Vintage Advertising: An A to Z
The Art of Advertising
The Art of Advertising
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Drink Map of Oxford
How We Fell in Love with Italian Food
Curious Creatures on our Shores
Islamic Maps
Islamic Maps
Heritage Apples
Heritage Apples
Now and Then: England 1970-2015
Thinking 3D: Books, Images and Ideas  from Leonardo to the Present
Korean Treasures Volume 2
Why North is Up: Map Conventions and Where They Came From
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