Bags & Purses

We have lots of practical reusable bags which feature images taken from the Bodleian Libraries Collection, as well as a range of library-inspired bags and purses.
Bags & Purses
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Bodleian Bookshelves Grab Bag
Bodleian Bookshelves Porter Bag
Bodleian Bookshelves Leather Purse
Library Stamp Leather Travel Wallet - Navy
Library Stamp Leather Travel Wallet - Red
Medieval Branch Purse
Bodleian Logo Cotton Bag
I Buy Books Cotton Bag
Bilbo comes to the Huts of the Raft-elves Tote Bag
Conversation with Smaug Mini Tote Bag
'High Jinks' Bookshelves Bag
Bodleian Oath Bag
Foldable Pouch Bag
'High Jinks' Bookshelves Wash Bag
Medieval Branch Wash Bag
B is for Books Tote Bag
Little Women Green Book Handbag
Little Women Zip Around Purse
Little Women Pouch Purse
Little Women Green Book Tote Bag
Library Stamp Leather Travel Wallet - Green
Queen of Hearts Wash Bag
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