Our medieval gift range is inspired by the stunning illuminated medieval manuscripts held in the Bodleian Libraries Collection.
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Making Medieval Manuscripts
Pocket Magna Carta
The Ormesby Psalter
Latin Liturgical Psalters in the Bodleian Library
Revolting Remedies from the Middle Ages
26 Postcards from the Collections
Medieval Branch Bangle
Medieval Branch Wash Bag
Medieval Branch Pencil Case
Medieval Branch Purse
Medieval Flower Necklace
Medieval Flower Earrings
Medieval Flower Studs
Medieval Leaf Necklace
Medieval Leaf Earrings
Medieval Branch Necklace
Owl Silk Tie
Owl Silk Tie
Owl Decoration
Owl Decoration
Medieval Owl Bookmark
Romance of Alexander Bookmark
Bodleian Library Treasures (Hardback)
Marks of Genius (Hardback)
Marks of Genius (Paperback)
Medieval Manuscripts from the Mainz Charterhouse in the Bodleian Library, Oxford
Medieval Manuscripts from Würzburg in the Bodleian Library
The Booke of Ovyde Named Methamorphose
An Illuminated Alphabet
Reynard the Fox
Reynard the Fox
A Fox for All Seasons Journal: With new Reynard the Fox mini stories
North Sea Crossings: The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations 1066–1688
Designing English
St Margaret's Gospel-book
From the Vulgate to the Vernacular: Four Debates on an English Question c.1400
John Gower: Poems on Contemporary Events
John Leland: De uiris illustribus / On Famous Men
Lost Maps of the Caliphs
58 results
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