Find the perfect Christmas cards, gifts, decorations and wrapping paper for the book enthusiast in your life.
56 results
Father Christmas' ABC
Holly & Berry Pillar Mini Candle
Radcliffe Camera Decoration Gold
Holly & Berry Pillar Candle
Shakespeare Crown Decoration
Oxford Crown Red
Library Candle - Charles Dickens
Library Wick Tin Candle - Charles Dickens
Library Candle - William Shakespere
Library Wick Tin Candle - William Shakespere
Library Candle - Jane Austen
Library Wick Tin Candle - Jane Austen
Globe Bauble
Globe Bauble
Vaugondy Small Globe
Book Magnifying Glass
Red Book Coaster
Book Pencil Pot
Book Pencil Pot
A Victorian Christmas Alphabet Jigsaw
Christmas from Magdalen College Oxford CD
Christmas From Oxford CD
56 results
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