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    A truly unique and captivating examination of Kafka's existence, creations, influence, and contemplation.

    Franz Kafka, a master of introspection, grappled with an inner turmoil all throughout his life. His constant battle with overwhelming emotions of shame and guilt seeped into every aspect of his being - expressed through his extensive letter writing, meticulous journal entries, and evocative literature. This captivating piece delves into the origins of Kafka's deep-seated struggles and the intricate interplay between his personal turmoil and vivid imagination.

    Within his query, Saul Friedländer delves into significant facets of Kafka’s life (family, Judaism, love and sex, writing, illness, and despair) that have been distorted due to posthumous censorship. Despite Kafka’s final wish for his papers to be destroyed, his close friend and literary executor, Max Brod, edited and published his novels and other works soon after his passing in 1924. Friedländer reveals that, when the excised portions are reinserted into Kafka’s letters and diaries, the "sainthood" label often attached to the writer is stripped away, unveiling previously concealed aspects of his individuality.

    • Paperback Published by Yale University Press
    • ISBN: 9780300219722
    • Length: 200 pages
    • Dimensions: 210 x 146 x 17 mm
    • Weight: 227g

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