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The first book on how to be knightly, nightly. 

Ever needed tips on how to sleep next to a snoring spouse? How to convalesce in style? Or the etiquette of staying in a haunted house?

This humorous book was originally published in the 1930s as an amusing guide for married couples. Poking fun at wives and husbands in an even-handed manner, it is both witty and quaint, giving a glimpse of middle-class life of a bygone era, but also offering up some universal advice which still rings true today. For example, ‘Choose bedside books for their soporific qualities’, or, ‘one whisky-and-soda on retiring... makes the average man forget the dullest dinner and sends him to bed in a glow of good will.’

With sections on hot-water bottles, robes de nuit, breakfast in bed, the best kind of pillow, sneaking home late and night-time readers, this is the perfect, self-improving gift for your favourite bedfellow.


ANNE BALLIOL and RALPH Y. HOPTON were the authors of Pink Pants (1935) and Bed Manners (1936).

  •  Hardback
  • 128 pages, 170 x 110 mm
  • ISBN 9781851246199
  • Publication September 21st 2023

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