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WINNER of the Peter Seagrove Practical Book of the Year Award at the prestigious Garden Media Guild Awards (the gardening ‘Oscars’)

'A hundred historic and heritage culinary and dessert apples are showcased in this beautifully presented book, illustrated with Victorian apple paintings.' – Garden News

'Savour the core of British history - from the crisp, aromatic Parker's Pippin to the exotic D'Arcy Spice - with a new illustrated tome featuring colourful paintings first seen in a Victorian botanical volume.' – Town & Country Magazine

'The sheer beauty of the paintings from The Herefordshire Pomona, reproduced in this new book, are simply delightful and serve for easy identification of the apples, making it easier to identify a Yorkshire Greening from a Tom Putt or Striped Beefing. ... The book is a rich source of information both for someone who wants to grow or grows heritage apples and for those who are interested in them both for their taste and in this instance their botanical beauty.' -

'Depicting original 19th-century illustrations, Caroline Ball tells the stories behind more than 100 types of apple from the Victorian era that are still available today.' – Period Living

'Whether your preference is for a Queen or Schoolmaster, a Stirling Castle or Beauty of Kent, this book is both record and guide to a heritage that I would recommend planting.' – The Field

'Heritage Apples is a book to relish, fascinating browsing for the solitary diner who completes his repast with morsels of a preferred cheese and - but don't expect to find it in your local supermarket - a scarce, much-loved fruit.' - Hortus

 'A wonderful coffee table (or kitchen table) book to dip in and out of.' - Countryside

'Now is a good time of year to plant a young apple tree and if you'd like to plant a variety that originates from your area, Heritage Apples by Caroline Ball is a good place to start. It features 100 apples dating back to the 1800s with notes about where each originated, and they're all still possible to find today.' - Waitrose Weekend

'From the heart-shaped Adams Pearmain and buxom Beauty of Kent, to the rich-tasting Wyken Pippin, here are 100 traditional apples of all shapes and sizes, with beautiful illustrations from a 19th-century catalogue, The Herefordshire Pomona. Forget supermarket staples such as Gala and Pink Lady, here are native varieties, still with us, and advice on how to grow them.' - Saga Magazine


What would a greengrocer say if you were to ask for half a dozen Grenadiers and a couple of Catsheads? In the course of the past century we have lost much of our rich heritage of orchard fruits, but with taste once again triumphing over shelf-life and a renewed interest in local varieties, we are rediscovering the delights of that most delicious and adaptable fruit: the apple.

This book features apples from the Herefordshire Pomona that are still cultivated today. The Pomona – an exquisitely illustrated book of apples and pears – was published at the height of the Victorian era by a small rural naturalists’ club. Its beautiful illustrations and authoritative text are treasured by book collectors and apple experts alike.

From the familiar Blenheim Orange and Worcester Pearmain to the less fêted yet scrumptious Ribston Pippin, Margil and Pitmaston Pine Apple, Heritage Apples is illustrated with the Pomona’s stunning paintings and tells the intriguing stories behind each variety, how they acquired their names, and their merits for eating, cooking or making cider. Also including practical advice on how to choose and grow your own trees, this is the perfect book for apple-lovers and growers.

Caroline Ball is an editor, copywriter and occasional translator. She has written on subjects from horticulture and travel to antiques and health, and has contributed to books about William Morris and a guide to historical sites. She is a keen gardener and, having been born a 'Kentish Maid’, some of her earliest memories are of apple orchards in blossom.

  • Hardback
  • 248 pages, 220 x 180 mm
  • 110 colour illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781851245161
  • Publication September 2019

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