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 'A fair and thorough overview of Korean culture, mostly during the Chŏson period. … These two meticulously documented volumes are an invaluable tool for scholars studying the long-neglected collections of Korean artefacts in Western museums.' - Minerva Magazine

Many important and valuable manuscripts, rare books, and artefacts related to Korea have been acquired by donations throughout the long history of the Bodleian Library and the museums of the University of Oxford. However, due to an early lack of specialist knowledge in this area, many of these Korean items were largely neglected. This publication uncovers these treasures and presents them together in a single volume for the first time.

Notable items include the court painting scroll of the funeral procession of King Y?ngjo (1694-1776); a presentation edition of a book given by King Y?ngjo to his son-in-law; a group of documents issued by Emperor Kojong (1852-1919) between 1885 and 1886 to confer various titles to his civil and military officials; a sundial made by the famous maker Kang Yun (1830-98) for Emperor Kojong; a ceramic dish made and signed by Princess Yi Pangja (1901-89) as well as a rare example of a suit of armour, an ornate helmet of the early sixteenth century, a general's quiver and arrows, and many more. In addition, this book also gives a general overview of the extent of the Korean book collections in Oxford and locations where some of these treasures can be seen.

Minh Chung is Head of the Bodleian Chinese Studies Library and Korean Collections of the University of Oxford.

  • Hardback
  • 160 pages, 250 x 210 mm
  • 82 colour illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781851242870
  • Publication December 2011

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