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Henry Eighth from 1509 to 1547 - in his reign the Bible was translated into English - toward the end of his life he was extremely corpulent'

On 1 August 1818, the Napoleonic Wars had ended, and King George III was on his deathbed, but still two years from death. It was in these satirical times that this book was published, veering from savage satire to idealized adoration, this entertaining little book offers a refreshingly irreverent overview of British rulers all the way from Caesar to George, Prince of Wales, the future king. Succinct, concise and unerringly frank, 'Mr Collins', an unknown publisher, sizes up the lasting reputations of past rulers and dynasties with wit and affection, but never sentimentality!

His attitudes to the upheavals of the past, and call for George, Prince Regent's sons to 'all come to be kings in their turn' perfectly encapsulate the prevailing wisdom and desire for peace of the time, and give the reader a fascinating insight into early nineteenth-century attitudes to royalty and national history.

Humorous portraits and verse accompany Mr Collins' considered analysis:

Poor Edward the Fifth was young killed in his bed
By his uncle, Richard, who was knocked on the head
By Henry the Seventh, who in fame grew big
And Henry the Eighth, who was fat as a pig!

  • Hardback
  • 40 pages, 108 x 103 mm
  • 38 colour illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781851243204
  • Publication October 2005

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