From Anglo-Saxon to the twenty-first century, and from social and cultural to political and military history, the Bodleian Library Publishing history list has something for everyone.
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The Slave Trade Debate
The Memoirs of Captain Hugh Crow
A Month at the Front
The Cat & the Fiddle
Ralph Ayres' Cookery Book
Art of the Islands
Latin Inscriptions in Oxford
Dr Radcliffe's Library
New Bodleian - Making the Weston Library
The Booke of Ovyde Named Methamorphose
The Huns Have Got my Gramophone!
Illustrating Empire
St Margaret's Gospel-book
A Brief History of the Bodleian Library
The College Graces of Oxford and Cambridge
Queen Elizabeth's Book of Oxford
Titanic Calling
Titanic Calling
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Treasures from the Map Room
The Ormesby Psalter
56 results
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